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BTCC Rules & Regulations (Season 2)

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BTCC Rules & Regulations (Season 2) Empty BTCC Rules & Regulations (Season 2)

Post by Jay x Craig on Thu 30 Nov 2017, 3:22 pm


All 8 BTCC meetings feature three rounds of equal distance, each counting towards a driver's championship points total. All races commence with a Rolling Start. There are no mandatory pitstops: each race is a straight sprint race to the chequered flag.


A rolling start is where all cars must stay below 80MPH and stay above 40MPH once every driver is in his/her grid position.
Every car must be in single file before the race has been officially started by the leader.
All cars must use the rest of the lap to keep tires at optimal tempreture.
Once the leader has reached the apex of the last corner, they will control the pace of the pack within speed limit regulations.
As soon as the leader reaches over the 80MPH speed limit the race has begun.
No overtaking untill you have reached the start/finish line!


Drivers will have 5 Flying laps to get a qualifying time. The session is held on Sundays @ 7:45pm. This determines the starting grid order for the first of the three races. Should two drivers set the same time, the one setting it first will be ahead of the other on the grid. Cars will be GHOSTED!


The first race's starting grid takes the order from the qualifying session. Race two's starting grid is decided by the finishing order in race one, which will be reverse grid for all cars. Race three's starting grid is decided by the finishing order in race two, but the top twelve positions being reversed.

Drivers retiring from the race will be allocated starting positions for the next race depending on the number of laps completed before retiring. The qualifying, race and starting process is repeated at each race meeting.


Points are awarded in every race and all 24 rounds are counted. There are three titles to be won: Drivers' Championship, Teams' Championship, Independents' Championship.


In each race, the following points are awarded to classified finishers:
1st - 15 points
2nd - 14
3rd - 13
4th - 12
5th - 11
6th - 10
7th - 9
8th - 8
9th - 7
10th - 6
11th - 5
12th - 4
13th - 3
14th - 2
15th - 1
16th to 24th - 0

i - Pole position: One additional point will be awarded to the driver who starts on pole position for the first race of each meeting.

ii - Fastest lap: One additional point will be awarded to the driver setting the fastest lap in each race. If two or more drivers achieve the same fastest lap time each will be awarded one point.


Points are awarded to all Drivers under the competition as a whole.


Points are awarded for all cars under the Independents group. Points are awarded as per the BTCC Drivers Championship.


Points are awarded to the two cars from each team in each race. Points are awarded as per the BTCC Drivers Championship.


If two or more drivers or teams finish the season with the same number of points, the higher place in the Championship shall be awarded to:

- the holder of the greatest number of first places.
- if the number of first places is the same, the holder of the greatest number of second places.
- if the number of second places is the same, the holder of the greatest number of third places and so on until a winner emerges.


A driver will be classed and registered as an independent driver and be eligible for any points available as part of the Independents Championship.


A range of penalties can be imposed against offending drivers. These include time penalties, Point deductions & suspension from the next race. Video evidence made available within 24 hrs of an incident may be used as grounds for an enquiry.


Overtaking may be carried out either on the right or on the left. In
response to each attempted overtaking manoeuvre no
more than one change of direction to defend a position
is permitted.  Any driver moving back towards the
racing line having earlier defended his position off-line
should leave at least one cars width between his own
car and the edge of the track on the approach to the
corner. However, manoeuvres liable to hinder other
drivers, such as deliberate crowding of a car beyond
the edge of the track or any other abnormal change of
direction, are strictly prohibited. Any driver who
appears guilty of any of the above offences may be
reported to the SSRC Officials.

Drivers must use the track at all times and may
not leave the track without a justifiable reason. For the
avoidance of doubt:
(a)  The lines defining the track edges are
considered to be part of the track.
(b)  A driver will be judged to have left the track if atleast 4 wheels of the car either goes beyond the outer
edge of any kerb or goes beyond the line
where there is no kerb.

Should a car leave the track for any reason the driver may re-join.
However this may only be done when it is safe to do so and without gaining any advantage.
Repetition of serious mistakes or the appearance of a lack of control over the car (such as leaving the track),
will be reported to the SSRC Officials and may entail the imposition of penalties up to and including the exclusion of any driver concerned.
Dive bombing is seriously dangerous and for the safety of all drivers, it is NOT acceptable driving behaviour.
It is not permitted to drive any car unnecessarily slowly, erratically or in a manner deemed to be potentially dangerous to other drivers at any time.


The BTCC Safety Car will be the leader of that race at the time an incident occurs.
All laps completed by the Safety Car period will be counted as racing laps.
There will be a MAXIMUM of 80 MPH for all cars while the Safety Car is active.
There will also be a MINIMUM of 40 MPH for all cars also.


If the race is stopped before the leader has completed three laps it will be delcared null and void.
The race may be re-started with competitors taking their original grid positions.
The race will not be restarted if it has been stopped after the third last lap has been completed by the leader, this will result in scoring where you currently are on track.


Competitors judged to have made a false start will serve a 3 Second Penalty by SSRC Officials.


If any driver is deemed to have an unstable connection towards the rest of the drivers, they may be asked to to restart thier modem/router and xbox then rejoin the next race at the back as time keeping is very important to us and our drivers.
If the connection doesnt gain stability then the driver must therefore forfeit the race.
The race will be a full restart.

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